Ecom Pet Treats

Tripling Revenue Through SEO Services and Web Design.

The Brief

A prominent e-commerce pet treat company operating nationwide faced stiff competition in a saturated market. 

With an annual revenue of $2 million, they aimed to significantly expand their online footprint and triple their gross revenue to $6 million in two years.

They sought a comprehensive strategy that combined web design with robust SEO services to achieve this aggressive growth target.

SEO Marketing Case Study for Dog Food and Dog Treat Company

The Solution

A holistic plan was crafted to revitalize PawTreats Inc.’s online presence:

  1. SEO Strategy: Comprehensive plan developed to align with business objectives.
  2. Competitive Analysis: Identification of competitors’ weak points and capitalizing on market opportunities.
  3. Keyword Research: Pinpointed high-value keywords with substantial search volume.
  4. Marketing Persona Research: Detailed buyer personas helped refine targeting strategies.
  5. On-Page SEO: Enhanced site architecture, meta tags, heading tags, and internal links.
  6. Off-Page SEO: Focus on high-quality backlinks and social media engagement to boost domain authority.
  7. Content Marketing: A steady stream of engaging, SEO-optimized content in the form of blog posts that align with customer testimonials and social media.
  8. Conversion Optimization: Implementation of A/B testing on website elements, landing pages, and call-to-action strategies.
  9. Beyond SEO: Recommendations to create and integrate pet treat bundles and recurring weekly/monthly subscription services.


The digital strategy was further bolstered by a website redesign. Improved navigation, a mobile-responsive design, and a user-friendly interface were integral parts of this overhaul.

The Results

The investment in web design and SEO services paid off:

  1. Organic Traffic Boost: A remarkable 220% increase in organic search traffic.
  2. Conversion Rate Peaks: A significant uptick of 30% in conversion rate.
  3. Revenue Surge: Successfully achieved the ambitious goal of raising sales from $2 million to $6 million within two years.
  4. Search Dominance: Over 70% of targeted keywords secured a spot in the top 10 Google rankings.
  5. Engaged Customers: Enhanced content led to a higher retention rate and overall improved customer satisfaction.